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Who Are You?

My name is Alex Smithers M.D., A.P. and I am a Physician with degrees in both Eastern and Western Medicine. I had my entry into medicine, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

 After graduating Top of my class in Oriental Medicine I went on to enter Western Medical school. Medical School, and particularly my time in the hospital, reaffirmed my awareness that while western medicine shines in some areas, it is extremely misguided in others. While allopathic medicine is unparalled in the areas of emergency and Trauma medicine, it is remarkably deficient in its ability to address chronic disease. 

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The western model is based on symptom management and does very little to address the root cause or alter the disease process. In addition the Allopathic model has a very Newtonian, linear and reductionist view of the human body while the traditional philosophies understood that the body is a multidimensional and infinitely intelligent quantum pattern of energy. 

 The new physics is confirming what the ancient traditions knew all along and it is through this lens that the body can be brought into a proper balance and one in which true healing can occur. 

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